monreith and district action group


latest news (last updated 25th September 2017)



BROADBAND - Fibre is now available in Monreith, though the new cabinet is not yet in full use.


Emergency Aid - Ted has prepared and circulated within the village a provisional plan which gives useful information and advice. See also the item under 'Winter Resilience'.

CHARGES FOR THE USE OF THE HALL AND HIRE OF EQUIPMENT Hire of the hall: £6 per hour - this to include equipment in the hall. To take out equipment, the following charges will apply: Tables - £10. Chairs - £10. Kitchen Crockery/equipment - £10. Any items damaged must be replaced by the hirer.

Winter resilience: The Council had provided our winter resilience equipment.

We have a full yellow road salt bin outside the hall. We also have 3 shovels, 3 fluorescent tabards and 3 sets of gloves.Ted has put one shovel outside with the bin and the other 2 and the tabards and gloves inside the hall porch on the left hand side. There is also a board on the wall in the porch where the equipment hangs; the remaining hooks can be used for extra coat storage. Training is being provided for the Madag volunteers.

Play Area: A junior bench seat, a junior picnic table, an adult picnic table and an adult picnic table with wheelchair access have now been delivered. New goalposts have been delivered. These are taller, 6ft, than the existing ones which will be scrapped. A "bear" rubbish bin is now in place in the play park. The purchase of a "penguin" bin will be reviewed after the summer as children have been running up to the "bear" bin from the opposite end of the green with their rubbish and it is thought that one might suffice.


Flooding - Work is expected to start sometime on the flood prevention drainage scheme. Apparently permission is still being sought from one of the landowners - Monreith Estate..


The Fun Day on August 6th was disrupted by the weather, causing outdoor activities to be abandoned and the event took place in the hall. However, a sum (before expenses) of £561 was raised - an excellent result considering the change to the arrangements.


Notice Board - A second notice board has been provided - and is well used by many organisations. Our thanks go to Garvis who made and installed it.


The talk on the new Queensferry Crossing went very well with an excellent attendance.


Fundraising ideas would be welcome as the hall needs attention.