monreith and district action group


Latest news (23rd September)




 Emergency Aid - Ted Norfolk has prepared and circulated within the village a provisional plan which gives useful information and advice. See also the item under 'Winter Resilience'.


CHARGES FOR THE USE OF THE HALL AND HIRE OF EQUIPMENT Hire of the hall: £6 per hour - this to include equipment in the hall. To take out equipment, the following charges will apply: Tables - £10. Chairs - £10. Kitchen Crockery/equipment - £10. Any items damaged must be replaced by the hirer. Charity and church events in the hall are free of charge.


Winter resilience: The Council had provided our winter resilience equipment.

We have a full yellow road salt bin outside the hall. We also have 3 shovels, 3 fluorescent tabards and 3 sets of gloves.Ted  has  put one shovel outside with the bin and the other 2 and the tabards and gloves inside the hall porch on the left hand side.  There is also a board on the wall in the porch where the equipment  hangs; the remaining hooks can be used for extra coat storage. Training is being provided for the Madag volunteers.

Dumfries and Galloway Housing Partnership (DGHP) has submitted plans to the Planning Department for the construction of two pairs of semi-detached houses and two bungalows. DGHP has been asked about additional funding for the play park. This has now been amended to 5 properties.

Machars Movies will be holding two shows in the hall: The Greatest Showman on 9th November and Bohemian Rhapsody on 22nd February, with a soup and pudding lunch.

Dog poo has become a problem and signs have been posted around the village reminding owners that they have responsibility to clean up after their charges.

 One of the picnic tables has been moved from the village green to the Black Rocks lay-by, enhancing facilities to visitors and joining "Trevor's Bench" which was resited from the green earlier this year.

A public meeting on 18th September agreed that a defibrillator should be purchased for the village.